The Quest

3B.Your Uncle Charlie died.  His lawyer would like for you to be in his Chicago office Wednesday at ten a.m., for the reading of the will.

            As I finished listening to the message and jotting down the address of the will reading I began to think about my Uncle Charlie. He was my mom’s way older brother who I only met maybe three times in my life, and two of those times when I was an infant. He wasn’t very old so I was surprised to hear he was dead. He was very secretive and my mom never really talked about him.

            I have one distinct memory though when I was little. We were visiting his mansion in California. I was five so of course I wandered off to explore. I had gotten lost in his vast home and found myself in a room in the east wing. The room was incredibly white and plain except for a painting. My mom told me to never touch things like that but I was curious. The painting was a replica of The Last Supper. I always thought it was strange how there was one detached hand holding a knife in the painting. My mom hand pointed it out to me once when we looked at the painting in a book. I wanted to try to trace the disembodied hand to the original owner so I touched it and the painting made a click noise and flung open to a room beyond. I didn’t get in to the room very far because my Uncle scooped me up and flung the door shut. He sat me down in the adjacent room and made me swear I would never tell what I saw. Out of fear he would tell my mom I had touched something of his I promised. What I did see though was something like out of a book. There were there were all of these maps and ancient artifacts. There was one large table in the middle that had a big map on it too, and what looked like a weird medieval box that had pieces missing like a puzzle. I asked what was in there.

            “It is something revolutionary; when you are older I will let you know. Maybe you can even help,” he replied.

            These thoughts all flooded my memory on my drive to the lawyers office. I was dressed formally in a black dress, cardigan, boots, and tight. I was expecting at least a couple other friend and family members to be there but it was just me.  I stepped into the warm office and a very shrewd looking bald man sat behind a large mahogany desk. He wore glasses and an ill fitted suit. He stood up and pulled out a box and a large legal document.

            “The contents of this case will be bestowed upon Lilly Danton, in the event of the death of  Charlie Borrough,” the lawyer declared. He then passed the box to me. I opened the box and pulled out the very same medieval puzzle I saw in his hidden room all of those years ago. A hand written note was enclosed.

            Dear Lilly, I am gone now but the quest will live on. I most likely have perished attempting to acomplish the quest. Here is another step in the journey. I bestow on you this puzzle and the rest of the journey to find the holy grail.


            Charlie Borrough

            Brother of the Quest.

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  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    What happens next?